The Fallacy of Techno-Optimism – Quillette

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The Right Coast – The Fallacy of Techno-Optimism – Quillette. By Tom Smith. Share. But techno-optimists take the exercise a step further, by using data about one thing to forecast the future of an entirely different thing. This moves us from the flawed to the absurd.

The Bumper Boards View topic – What the Fuck are You. – the bumper boards "we not gonna be fucking suck this year!! we’re the stanley cup champions!!!"

/v/technology – Voat – Limit to v/technology. Share a link discuss technology subscribe 81292 subscribers ~38 user(s) here now. All things related to technology.. The Fallacy of Techno-Optimism – Quillette ( submitted 16 hours ago by hafen to technology (+3 |-0) discuss; 0. 2. 2.

A.J. Jacobs on Gratitude – Half Hour of Heterodoxy Episode #39 – "The Fallacy of Techno-Optimism." Nicholas Phillips, Quillette. " How Social Media Imperils Scholarship."Justin E.H. Smith, Chronicle of Higher Education. " Doublethink is Stronger Than Orwell Imagined."George Packer, The Atlantic. " A New Book Says Married Women Are Miserable. Don’t Believe It."

The Bumper Boards View topic – Beef Dip and or French Dip – "The highest compliment that you can pay me is to say that I work hard every day, that I never dog it." Wayne Gretzky "We take the shortest route to the puck and arrive in ill humor."

On Toxic Femininity – Quillette : samharris – – But in any case, whether or not she’s dead wrong on the issue is irrelevant to the fact that a logical fallacy is still a logical fallacy and not a facet of productive argument. Even if Heying were an absolute misogynist, her affiliation with Peterson or Shapiro would still be, logically, of little import.. Quillette is promoted heavily by.

The Failed Hero’s Journey | –  · Excellent article from Quillette The Failed Hero’s Journey:. The experience of the pessimistic modern young man is evoked brilliantly by a Twitter user named Faceberg, who writes of the promise of employment in STEM fields: “You will never discover anything.

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The Free-Speech Fallacy – The Chronicle of Higher Education – The Free-Speech Fallacy Geoffrey Moss for The Chronicle Review. By Jason Stanley February 26, 2016 . O n February 3, Jasbir Puar presented a paper at Vassar College critiquing Israeli policy.

When Quillette’s Latest Attempt to Legitimise Race Science. – By now, many reading this would have come across the latest outrage inducing offering from Quillette, a review of Angela Saini’s Superior: The Return of Race Science by Bo Winegard and Noah Carl.The article follows the tried and tested template of Quillette’s most controversial pieces – sounding eminently reasonable, even nuanced; interspersed with italicized emphasis to gently push its.

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